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Lonely on a Friday night? Why don’t you make it fun, enjoyable, and memorable? You just have to put some thought and energy into it.

First of all, you are not the single person in the world who spends a Friday night alone and is super ashamed of it. Not single? Are you unsuccessfully married at the point that your husband leaves you alone on Friday…every week? Oh, dear it’s not good and you need to do something about it.

Single or married, women feel left behind and lonely on Friday and Saturday nights.

Top Things to Do Alone on a Friday Night

  • If you want to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you never done. Have you ever planned your future on a Friday night? No? Well, now is your perfect chance.

Light a candle, get a pen and notebook or your computer, and write in bullet points what you want to have in your life. Then, write down actual steps on how to get there from where you are right now. What do you write about? You have to choose yourself – appearance (always wanted to lose 10 pounds and do a closet makeover?), work (hate where you are and would like to get something bigger and better?), social life (or apparently lack of it if you are reading this on Friday night. Who do you want to be friends with, where do you want to go, what do you want to do for fun during your spare time?), home (always wanted to re-decorate, how? Move somewhere?), hobbies (always wanted to rollerblade and go to a shooting ranch?) and of course, your precious personal life (describe your ideal Prince Charming and imaginary you who he would fall in love with).

While making all these lists and planning your future, you will notice that one Friday night won’t be enough.

  • Do you not want to be at home but feel ashamed go somewhere by yourself? Play an interesting game called “you are visiting this city.” Pretend that you are in this city on a business trip, you don’t know anybody, and you don’t want to waste your time sitting in a hotel room. Dress up, pick a restaurant where you’ve always wanted to go (you deserve to treat yourself, plus you never know, you can meet someone there), and enjoy yourself. Don’t think that you are alone and don’t look around desperately and apologetically; just pretend that your Prince Charming is waiting for you at your dream home back in your city.
  • If you already have a list of what you’ve always wanted to do but never done it, just pick one thing and eventually do it by yourself. It will be fun!
  • Spoil yourself – do whatever will make you happy. Go get a massage, buy yourself a pair of shoes, or order your favorite movie and gourmet dinner with more expensive than usual wine.
  • Meet with your friends or family members who you haven’t had time to see for a while. Just make sure that you’ll be with nice and positive people who will lift your spirit up. Let your energy vampire acquaintances who upset and drain you spend their time without you.   
  • Are you super single? Research an online dating site which is right for you, create a great profile, and get to know people

At the end of the day, it does not matter what you are going to do; it is important to feel happy while you are doing it. The most important thing is to feel completed by you, and not lonely. Having a date on a Friday night is great, but it is one of the general stereotypes. If you have a date – great. If you don’t have a date, you should be capable of making yourself happy by yourself.

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Top Things NOT to Do Alone on a Friday Night

  • Monitor your friends’ check ins and your ex’s page on Facebook and think that you are the loneliest person ever.
  • Drink a bottle of wine alone and cry afterwards.
  • Watch a drama movie and eat everything you find in your fridge.
  • Call you girlfriend and complain for several hours about how bad your life is.