This before date section is written mostly for women because statistics show that men don’t take much time to prepare for their date. However, all advice given in this section could be applied to men as well. So dear men, you are more than welcome to read, learn and apply the same rules.

Preparing for a date is a great ritual to set your mood. It increases your self-esteem and confidence while anticipating for fun and joy of your date. Before date time can be considered your personal quality and relaxation time, so avoid rush, stress and big expectations.

Take your time – you know how much time you generally need to get ready. Add extra time (anything from thirty minutes to two hours). If you have time to relax, a long bath or nap is an ideal way to do it. If you are on crunch line – no worries, you will still be able to look and feel great if you put your mind to it.

Why would you need extra time? Well, isn’t it fun to play your own stylist? Mix and match outfits, so at the last minute you can just slip into something that is clean, ironed, well matched and ready?

Having a light meal is a good idea so you won’t get to your date starving with the only thought in your head consisting of food. Don’t just put something into your mouth while jumping around half naked. Take your time and enjoy your meal, maybe even listen to your favorite music. If a glass of wine won’t make you sleepy, you should totally have one. Just make sure that you show up to you date tipsy, giggling and smelling like alcohol. If your romance is new, it can be a major turn off.

Visualize how you want your date to go. Again, while taking your time and listening to your favorite music, imagine how you want this date to be. Think about how you will be dressed when you walk out the door and see your man. You can visualize the place where you are going and how you two will flirt, laugh, hug, and kiss. You are the owner of your imagination, so you can be as creative as you want. Please, remember though, that it’s just a great exercise to set up your mood, not a blue print for your real date.
Sometimes, if you have a good experience in visualization, many of your intentions can be programmed and become reality. Maybe not even on this date, but sometime in the future. Relax, you are just playing a fun game, not executing on “it must go my way” script.

While doing everything possible on achieving your best visual, don’t be upset it something goes the “wrong” way. Everything happens for the better. And if this date goes in a different direction, it might be the reason he thinks you are great and beautiful later on. You never know.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is imagining how they would look for this particular occasion, and spending time stressing out about insignificant details such as slightly different lipstick color or a “not as I imagined” blow dry.

Set up your mood – while taking your time, you need to rewind and drop all negative thoughts and feelings. Yes, you can control your feelings as well as your mood. Sit down for a second and think about what’s bothering you at the moment. Do you feel stressed, upset, angry, jealous, worried? You need to determine quickly why you feel this way and switch to a positive mood as soon as you can. Remember, if you go on a date in a bad, negative mood, you will most likely set this date for a failure.

Positive, good mood is contagious. If you feel good, you’ll attract good things to you. Magical things happen when you are in a good mood. The ideal mood for a date is a combination of happiness, relaxation, courage and healthy excitement.

Don’t set your expectations too high. The less you expect, the better your date will turn out. Keep in mind that you are not running for congress, you are going on a date. Don’t talk to your friends and relatives about your date. Don’t put too much energy into it. Do whatever it takes to look and feel great for you.

A date is quality time you spend with your significant other (not your friends), and having a personal life is very important. If your personal life is good, your mood will be too, and that will boost your performance at work and other areas of your life. However, your date is just a date.

Women’s Before Head to Toe Check List

1. Shower, and if you have time take a long bath with relaxing music and scented candles.

2. Now a days women are supposed to have hair only on their heads; everything else must be shaved, waxed, lasered or perfectly trimmed.

3. Manicure/Pedicure – fresh nail polish the same day or no more than two days before. If you wear acrylic or gel nails, they must look fresh. Your nails are kind of like your business card. Men notice your nails and make their conclusions. Beautiful hands are your sexy instrument – you play with your hair, you hold your glass, or hold your date’s hand etc…

4. Hair – freshly washed and done. If you are not naturally blonde, your roots must be the same color as your blonde hair. If you are a brunette, make sure that there’s no grey showing.
If you are planning on a complicated up do or any other style required curling, you can wash your hair the day before.
If you absolutely don’t have any time, use a hair band to make a pony tail, or clips. If you don’t even have the time for that, put on a hat (just make sure that you’ll go home after that date) because a bad hair day is not a turn on.

5. Masks, moisturizers, creams – do not use something you haven’t tried before. Last thing you want is to get an allergic reaction or puffy eyes from the latest “miracle treatment”. All face and body skin care products must be tested in advance.

6. Make up – if you are not sure what make up you are going to wear and you don’t have time to experiment, stick with your regular choice. If you would like to do something different, practice it in advance. If you don’t know what to do and how to do it, go to a professional make up artist. If you don’t have a budget, go to a department store or Sephora and their make up artists will create your look for free. Ideally, you have to bring your own brasher, otherwise you are at risk of ending up with unusual rashes or pimples. If you don’t have a quality set of brushes, invest in one. You will use them for next decade.

7. Fragrance – the best fragrance is not the latest one, but the one that mixes well with your skin. The rule of thumb – fresh citrusy smell usually makes people perceive you about seven years younger. Your fragrance is your signature, not your headline. Make sure that your significant other can smell it only when he is close to you. It’s nobody’s business at the restaurant or any other place to know what you smell like.

8. Jewelry – stick with one signature piece and few little accents.

9. Purse – while you can totally get away with cheap jeans and a three dollar sexy tight tee shirt, your purse must be high quality. Don’t go with a price for your purse that is higher than your car payment, but stay away from counterfeit “brand” knock off.’s. It is a sign of bad taste to carry a fake, “suppose-to-cost-thousands” purse. You’d feel much better wearing something less expensive but real or unique.

10. Shoes – the same as purse. Purses, shoes, and sunglasses are fashion statements. You don’t have to have a lot of them, it is better to buy one, but a good quality, then several cheap ones.