Accessories can either add a unique touch to an already existing outfit or transform your day time work outfit info a dressy, eye catching look.

Accessories can say a lot about your personality, mood, fashion preferences, and financial situation. It is possible to see how a woman feels today just by looking at the accessory she picked with particular outfit.

The same way that color psychology can say a lot about your personality, mood, and desires, accessory science can help you understand what a woman is up to at this particular Dressy Date and what she is up to afterwards.

Pendant scarves, sparkling hair accessories,  jewelry, and watches will add a strong statement to your look and make you feel wonderful and look charming and playful.

The main role of accessories is to highlight different features. For example, a classy hair clip will showcase your neck, good looking ears, and shiny hair at the same time. There are so many ways that you can wear it so your Dressy Date style can vary from romantic to a lady vamp, from serious andhard to get to fun and adventurous.

Pendant scarves, the hit of this season, have triple value. First of all, very obviously, you can wear them as a heart pendant. It will help you showcase your great skin and deep cleavage so your Prince Charming s eye will drown to your heart (they also look incredibly sexy with a turtle neck that covers everything, so there is a lot of space for your man;s imagination). Secondly, color selection can help you improve your skin tone red, pink, and coral shades will make you look fresh at the end of the day (especially after long work hours). A coral color is a complete life saver because it makes you look like you just had 10 hours of beauty sleep. Thirdly, scarves can be transformed from accessories to apparel by becoming a shawl that covers your shoulders, neck, and sometime your head.

There are multiple sites that show more than ten ways to wear scarves. Our favorites are wrapping them around your neck and making a knot around your purse handles.

Jewelry and watches speak for themselves. A great watch will highlight your wrists (and a good looking wrist and hands are a huge turn on for men), and showcase your hands and nails. Watches stopped being used for finding out what time it is a long time ago due to the fact that we can see the time on our cell phones. Women s watches are now accessories that dictate your style and personality. A woman s watch can be a guide to your personality either you are a super feminine girly gift, a real heartbreaker, or a dominant lady who prefers to make her own rules.