Handbag Buying Guide

  • For a romantic dressy date at the restaurant, a small clutch would be the perfect choice for everyone. However, pay attention to your purse measurement. Make sure that this little bag will fit your main essentials lipstick, credit cards, compact powder, cell phone, and keys. Exception you found an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind piece of art that will get all the attention from your date and other people.
  • If you are a petite girl, choose a smaller handbag. You don t want to look like you can carry yourself in your bag. ;If you are on the taller or wider side, go with a larger size. Your look must be proportional so choose your handbag with your own size in mind.
  • Buying a new bag is equal to several therapy sessions because carrying a new, great bag will improve your self confidence dramatically. When you face the choice to buy a new dress or a new bag we suggest getting a bag.
  • If you want to save your money save on basics, tops, even dresses or jeans, but never on handbags. A cheap handbag will make or break your whole outfit look. We didn t come up with this truth the world s top stylists did.
  • Adding an edge to your look is always a great idea gold, silver, studded pieces or clutches with jewels will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Invest in timeless classy handbags made of leather, python, ostrich, crocodile, and other similar materials. Buy them once and wear them for years while being perceived as fashionable and sophisticated. They don t have to be the top brand names high quality will speak for itself.
  • Pay attention to straps; they should not be too short or too long. Good sites always provide the lengths of the straps.
  • If you always carry more than is necessary in your purse, choose a larger size in order for your bag to not look overstuffed. It s better to carry less in an oversized purse. Remember, your goal is to have the real ladies never carry too much look.
  • Stay away from fakes and look-alike bags. What is the difference between them? Fake bags have famous designer logos on them, while look-alikes are inspired by originals and have similar, but not identical looks. If you don t have the money to get a real one, it s better to go for a cheaper, but original brand. Otherwise, your look will be cheap and cheesy.
  • There are classy and trendy styles; it is always a good idea to choose classy over trendy.

How much should you spend on your handbag?

  • It s always better to invest in one quality piece than in several cheap ones.
  • If you can t afford an expensive designer bag, there are lots of pretty alternatives; don t spend money that you can t afford.
  • If a particular designer handbag is your lifetime dream, go for it! However, if the only reason you want this bag is to show off, but can t afford it, then stick to the rule of thumb the price you pay for your handbag should not be larger than your monthly car payment.


Which bag will go with every outfit if you don’t have the budget or time to buy a new one?

  • Black, brown, metallic, or snake will go alone with almost every dressy date outfit.
  • Bold color purses (red, yellow, electric blue) will make your toned down wardrobe look dressier.
  • Gold and silver purses will turn your day dress into an evening dress (if paired with high heels and smoky eyes).

Handbag Buyer Glossary

  • Designer handbag a handbag made by a particular fashion designer.
  • Luxury handbag a handbag made from superior material. Most luxury handbags are designer; however, some of them might be created by artisans or manufactured for a private label.
  • Private Label handbag – a handbag manufactured for a particular brand by someone else.
  • Exotic Skin handbag – a handbag made (most high-end, luxury) from ostrich, lizard, snakeskin, alligator, or crocodile. However, there are more.
  • “It” Bag – statement bag that is worn by celebrities before entering the store for retail. It bags typically get too much attention from the press. Don tbe too overwhelmed handbag manufacturers pay tons of money for itJ.
  • Custom handbag a unique bag made for a special order from a customer. They usually cover the customer particular needs.