Stylish jewelry for your outfit is one of the most important personal and fashion statements any woman can make. A unique bracelet, necklace, earrings or brooch can turn your not so fancy dress into a fashion forward outfit. If your outfit is too dressy, go with less loud accessories. If your purse has a jewel on it, make all other pieces match.

Correctly chosen jewelry can not only highlight your look but also showcase your best assets, like tiny wrists, large breasts, perfect neck, or cute ears. Your goal is to make your date feel amazed. He (she) must not be able to take his (her) eyes off you. Well-picked items can add flirt and mystery to your look at the same time. If you are not going to a date, you must still look and feel as a Queen! 

The perfect  look is sexy, sophisticated, flirty, and mysterious at the same time. If you can achieve it by the proper combination of an outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup, you will feel amazing and self confident. Remember, nothing can be more attractive and appealing to a man than a confident woman. Nothing can make women feel better than other women admiring her looks and sense of style! 

How to choose date jewelry?

  • Pick one accent piece and one (maximum two) complimentary pieces. For example, a heavy gold watch and flirty earrings, a bracelet and a pendant, or a necklace and a ring.
  • Decide what clothes you are going to wear first and then highlight your assets.
  • Matching items are still in (and always will be because they look great and classy).
  • Don’t mix jewelry styles. You can match colors though, but they have to be the same style. 
  • Avoid mixing antique jewelry that your grandma gave you with modern designers. Antique jewelry must be a center master pieces. 
  • Classy pearls are always a great idea they make any woman look sophisticated and innocent at the same time. 
  • Mixing gold and silver items are not a good idea unless your outfit consists of both colors.
  • Do not put on too many items, save that for Halloween.


How to Highlight your Assets with Sexy Jewelry

  • Breasts -  a large unique statement pendant hanging low and drawing all attention to your cleavage. You should choose an unusual pendant/necklace shape and a unique design. This will drive your man crazy! (and it will drive other men crazy if you are single)
  • Wrists - go with either one larger accent bracelet or multiple bangles. (Don t forget wear sleeveless, short, or 3/4 sleeve. Manicure is always a must. If your bracelet has a bright stone, pale nail color is a great idea. If you wear multiple bangles, ruby red is great. Remember, men don t like acid nail color, so don t match blue, green, or yellow. Also, black nails might be fashionable, but not so feminine (no matter what glossy magazine says) 
  • Ears - delicate studs or feminine drops will make him stare at your face and want him to whisper something that you have not heard from him before in your ear. Fashioon earrings are really on now too, but you have to make sure that large fashion earrings are not worn during the day and at the office) 
  • Fingers -  a bracelet might be a much better idea than a ring. Decorate your fingers with a fresh manicure and sexy red or French. Leave your fingers bare for his imagination and opportunity to buy you a ring. If you show up wearing rings that are too expensive, he might be thinking that he won t be able to afford your engagement ring.


Note For Men - Remember,  Jewelry is the Best Gift for a Woman.

Why is jewelry the best gift for any woman for any occasion? The answer is very simple a jewelry gift represents romantic feelings for a woman. When a man tries to be practical and gives his woman an electronic device or something else that is necessary and useful and expensive, it s nice and thoughtful, but it s practical and comes from the head. Jewelry gifts usually come from a mans heart (or at least women think this way) and this is the most important thing that counts. Women are wired for romance, love, and living happily ever after fairy tales.

Jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners have been symbols of love and romance for centuries.

While an engagement ring is the most desirable gift and every woman s ultimate destination, there are lots of other pretty jewelry options that would warm your woman s heart without breaking your bank or waking you up in cold sweat thinking about being trapped.

Some men make a huge mistake thinking that women only want to receive fine jewelry with precious stones. Of course, it is nice, but you should not save your money and wait a long time for getting something really expensive. Sometimes, a small, sophisticated, and cute piece of jewelry can make almost the same impact as an exclusive piece.

For men who mess up often don t think twice, order a wonderful bracelet and pendant and send it to your woman. While flowers die, jewelry lives forever.