Stay In

Stay In

Your Place Date [noun]

  1. An anything goes occasion (clothing optional).
  2. A chance for you to let him or her in to your life – your home, your style, your image… everything your way!
  3. The ultimate fantasy location, where you can create any type of date you want!

 What makes it perfect? You do, of course!

  • The décor is so ultimately you. Your place, your taste… a reflection to him of who you are. So be sure it is clean and tidy! Also, keep in mind the theme of your stay-at-home experience, because even though it is really a Your Place Date, it is more of an “anything you can imagine” date.
  • The activities can be planned out ahead of time so you can set the tone from the time the date begins. Romantic dinner? Set out some beautiful glittered candles. A raucous role-playing adventure? Try some fun candles. The day of the big game or race? Make lots of easy to pick up and eat snacks, load up on the beverage of your choice and bring out your fun themed glasses.
  • The attire is completely up to you. Who says plastic wrap can’t be a dress. Be adventurous! Be sexy! Show up to the big game party wearing his favorite team jersey… and nothing else. Your house, your place date, your call!
  • The food and drink should fit the theme you have set up. So, if you are dressed as Jane for your Tarzan, search the Internet for “what to eat on a safari” or “what to eat when stranded on a desert island”. Always keep his/her tastes in mind, and cater to them as much as possible.
  • The fantasy is completely up to the two of you. Do not be afraid to give him that lap dance or see about renting a pole for the night. Maybe if you play your cards right, he’ll do a strip tease for you. Come on… it is a your place date. Your place! Your fantasies, too!
  • The soundtrack should include both of your favorites and maybe be on theme as well. Italian dinner? Open the chianti, light the candles and share a spaghetti noodle kiss to the smooth as silk Dean Martin version of That’s Amore. Have some fun with it. Don’t forget the Barry White! Oh yeah!

 What to do on a Your Place Date:

 Take the opportunity to really explore your guy or gal. Set the scene for good conversation, good food… good times! Prep a little ahead of time, then enjoy yourself…. We all know where it will lead! Here are a few ideas of what to do:

  • Drinks – just be sure to have his/her favorite on hand. Don’ t forget the candles and music to really create the vibe you are looking for.
  • Dinner – again, if you know his/her favorite, make it. If you cannot make it, order it in. If you do not know it, ask. If you are uncomfortable asking… perhaps you should consider a few more restaurant dinners before you invite him on a your place date. If you are looking for something a little less… long term, make your favorite.
  • Movie night – Cool night? Start up the fireplace, fix some warm beverages, have fluffy socks and blankets and let the movie snuggle begin. Warm night? Open all the windows, chill some beverages, and show up in your cutest, light summer dress… you know, the one that clings to all the right places!
  • Theme night – this could be a full on sexual fantasy set up, or a kitschy night of 80s or 90s themed movies, high school drink favorites (do they still sell Zima?) and some of the tastiest party foods out there (chips and salsa, pretzels, cheese puffs).
  • Romantic your place date – this means something different to everyone. Perhaps dress up, light candles and play something sappy on the stereo, or watch your wedding video (if you are married to your date, otherwise it may just be weird), snuggle… or go straight to bed! It’s what works for you both that matters.
  • Dance party – yes, just the two of you! Make a mix ahead of time of your favorites, and then cut a rug!
  • Be spontaneous – okay, so you planned out the perfect night and he shows up with a different idea. Be open to it. See where the night takes you.
  • His place date – your place dates can be at his place, too. Be sure to pack the essentials, as his place dates often include breakfast! Throw a pair of foldable flats into your bag so that your morning walk isn’t… well, shameful!


Sure, having a girl to your place for a date is likely to lead to the bedroom, and that is cool. Just be sure to be respectful and patient. This night is about both of you! Have fun, don’t be a douche and reap the benefits of being a good guy.

 Why is a Your Place Date important now and again?

 Dating gets really expensive! And frankly, sometimes the things you want to happen on a date are not appropriate for public places.

 So, prepare well and have fun!




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